Vitex Hyaluron Gold. Exclusive Lifting-Serum with Golden Threads for face and neck 30ml

The weightless silky texture instantly creates a microgrid on the surface of the skin, which, like an invisible ...

9,99 €
Vitex Hyaluron Gold Filler-Serum Anti-Wrinkle 10ml

pure hyaluronic acid

The most potent product with the highest* concentration of pure hyaluronic ...

10,65 €
Vitex Hyaluron Gold. Firming Cream Serum for face and serum 45ml

A firming night serum , tailored to the characteristics and needs of skin over 50, combines the intense action of a ...
12,20 €
Vitex Ampoule Effect Face Lifting Serum Contouring Lifting with rejuvenating effect 30 ml

Intensive lifting serum - a real "diamond" of anti-ageing care, quintessence of a global anti-ageing effect. ...

13,65 €
Vitex Ampoule Effect Anti-Pigmentation & Cuperosis Correcting Face Serum with brightening action 30m

The multi-active correcting serum contains niacinamide and ruscus liposomes, which help to reduce post acne marks, ...

13,65 €
Vitex Ampoule Effect Anti-wrinkle Filler Serum with Muscle Relaxant Action 30ml

The rich serum filler acts as a professional anti-wrinkle injection. An exclusive combination of ultra-effective ...

13,65 €
Vitex Ampoule Effect Concentrated Serum for eye area skin 3D-EFFECT with multi-action 30ml

The multi-active concentrate serum acts as a professional "beauty injection" for the skin around the eyes. An ...

13,65 €
Vitex Retinol & Collagen Medusa Biomimetic Booster Serum for face, neck and décolleté Boto-Effect 30


Visible wrinkle filling and firming

A unique beauty product with a BOTO ...

13,95 €
Vitex Royal Snail Contour Lifting Intensive Face Serum for Mature Skin 30ml

Intensive serum with the richest composition of components for contour lifting is one of the most effective ...
14,50 €