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Mizon One-Step Cleansing Water 500ml

Facial cleansing water

Brand: Mizon
Micellar water for removing persistent make-up. It helps not only to remove all types of cosmetics, but also to moisturize the skin, enrich it with vitamins and energize. Ingredients: Green tea hydrosol. This substance has moisturizing, tonic and antioxidant properties. It awakens and refreshes the skin, heals it, and also protects against free oxygen radicals and other negative external factors. Panthenol. Panthenol has pronounced soothing and analgesic properties, helping to relieve irritation and stress, reduce the severity of inflammatory processes and improve the overall condition of the skin. Black willow bark extract. This component contains natural salicylic acid, which plays the role of a powerful antimicrobial agent. It suppresses inflammation, eliminates excess fat, brightens the skin and improves its appearance. Sugar cane extract. This component exfoliates dead cells, renews the surface of the epidermis, increases its smoothness, elasticity and firmness. Sugar maple extract. This component suppresses microbes, relieves irritation, fights inflammation, neutralizes excess fat, helps eliminate acne, acne and other types of rashes. Orange extract. Orange refreshes, tones and awakens the skin, neutralizes excess fat, removes toxins, normalizes microflora, brightens dark circles under the eyes, makes the complexion brighter and more saturated. Benefits of use: Effective cleansing. Micellar water perfectly dissolves all types of cosmetics. A cotton pad soaked in micellar water actively absorbs impurities, subcutaneous fat and sweat. Intensive hydration. Micellar water not only cleanses the skin, but also maintains its optimal hydrobalance. Hydrophilic microparticles work as powerful moisturizers, leaving a feeling of smoothness, cleanliness and freshness. Care: Water instantly saturates the cells with moisture, maintains optimal hydration, optimizes the microflora, soothes irritations, relieves swelling, evens out the tone of the face, makes its color brighter and more beautiful. Light peeling. Micellar water delicately exfoliates dead cells, renews the surface of the epidermis, stimulates blood circulation, makes the skin more even and elastic. Safety: The product contains a high concentration of natural ingredients, therefore it is absolutely safe and does not cause allergic reactions. How to use: take a cotton pad, moisten it with micellar water and wipe the skin with it. Pay special attention to areas of the face with intense makeup. The product is suitable for daily use.

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