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Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule 30ml

Concentrated snail face serum

Brand: Mizon
Serum effectively fights acne and allergic rashes, age spots, post-acne scars, regenerates the skin after peeling or cleansing. Helps control sebum production. This healing serum can be used at any convenient time when there is no cosmetics on the skin, and there are a couple of minutes for the product to dry completely. In addition, the serum is colorless, easy to apply and does not shine. A concentrated cocktail of healing substances that prevent inflammation, nourish the skin with moisture, vitamins, minerals, active organic stimulants: Mucin; EGF; Matrixyl; copper tripeptide; glycolic acid; allantoin; adenosine; natural antibiotics; plant extracts cocoa, lotus flowers, pomegranate fruits, etc.. How to use: draw the serum into the pipette by pressing and releasing the rubber nozzle, and then apply a couple of drops to the washed skin where help is needed inflammation, acne, scars, redness, scratches, etc.. Gently spread the serum over the damaged area with clean fingers and allow to dry. Due to bactericidal substances, tingling on open wounds is possible, which soon disappears.

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