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Manyo Galac Niacin 2.0 Essence Facial Serum With Galactomisis Enzyme 30ml

Brand: Manyo
Ma:nyo Galac Niacin 2.0 Essence serum gently brightens the overall complexion, lightens pigmentation and acne marks, and evens out skin tone. Delicately smoothes, softens and evens out skin texture, helps fight acne and blackheads, tightens pores and intensely moisturizes. A highly concentrated essence with 97 galactomisis enzymes and 2 niacinamide designed for comprehensive healing and restoration of the skin. Accelerates the regeneration of epidermal cells, slows down the aging process, effectively moisturizes, fixing moisture in the skin, and brightens skin tone. In addition to the above functions, the product allows all active components in the composition to penetrate deeply into the cells of the epidermis and act more effectively on the skin. Replenishes moisture deficiency, increasing tone and improving complexion. Main active ingredients: Galactomisis enzyme 97 - enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that enhance immunity, giving a natural glow and tone to the face. It brightens the overall complexion, reduces redness, lightens pigmentation and acne marks, controls melanin formation and prevents the appearance of age spots. Niacinamide 2 stimulates collagen synthesis and improves the protective functions of the skin, helps reduce transepidermal moisture loss and eliminate pigmentation, moisturizes, tightens pores, soothes, and brightens the complexion. Anise extract has a restorative and healing effect, tones and smoothes the skin. Witch hazel extract has many different properties and functions. Helps fight rosacea, normalizes the hydrolipid balance of the skin, provides anti-inflammatory, calming and healing effect. Hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and fills the cells with the necessary moisture. Strengthens the skin and improves its elasticity, preventing the early appearance of wrinkles. Replenishes moisture deficiency and prevents skin dehydration. Suitable for all skin types. Directions for use: After cleansing and using toner, apply a few drops of essence to your face, carefully distribute until completely absorbed.

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