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FarmStay Collagen Water Full Moist Emulsion 200 ml

Brand: Farmstay

An emulsion with collagen has an intense moisturizing effect, increases skin elasticity, its action is aimed at evening out skin tone and smoothing out wrinkles. The product protects the skin from the negative effects of external factors, making the skin less susceptible to irritating weather conditions.

Collagen in the emulsion has the ability to strengthen and tighten the skin; it is an excellent “attractor” of moisture. By attracting and retaining moisture, collagen has a moisturizing effect, causing the skin to soften, become more elastic, and smooth out.

5 extracts from white peach, magnolia, camellia, freesia and plum flowers enhance the moisturizing and rejuvenating effect of the emulsion. Extracts saturate the skin with vitamins, tone, help even out skin tone and improve complexion, and also have an antioxidant effect and prevent premature skin aging.

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