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Bergamo specialist S9 gold caviar ampoule 30ml

Ampoule serum with placenta extract

Brand: Bergamo
Revitalizing highly active ampoule serum based on a hydrolyzed plant extract of the placenta normalizes metabolic processes in tissues, ensuring the normal functioning of cells and the restoration of skin circadian rhythms disturbed as a result of stress. With regular use, the serum slows down the rate of fading, with course use it brightens pigmentation and smoothes wrinkles. prevents transepidermal water loss. Normalizes blood flow, activates cellular respiration. Strengthens the hydro-lipid mantle, supporting the natural protective functions of the skin. Gently brightens, evens out skin tone & improves complexion. Absolutely safe even for sensitive, reactive skin. How to use: Apply the required amount of serum on pre-cleansed, toned skin, gently spread over the surface of the face with massaging movements and let it absorb.

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