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Inebrya Black Pepper Iron Shampoo 300ml+Iron Mask 300ml

A strengthening and hydrating shampoo for damaged hair that cleanses, nourishes and conditions hair for healthy, ...
21,90 €
Inebrya Blondesse No-Yellow Kit 300ml+250ml

Inebrya Blondesse No-Yellow Shampoo: Anti-yellowing shampoo for blond and gray hair. The composition is enriched with ...
22,90 €
Inebrya Shecare Repair Kit 300+200+250ml

Inebrya Shecare Repair Shampoo Shine shampoo for restoring damaged hair

Shampoo with vegetable keratin for ...

41,90 €
Inebrya Blondesse Blonde Miracle Kit 300+200+50ml

A complete care kit for the perfection of Blondesse Blonde Miracle Shampoo. Color Protecting Deep Cleansing Shampoo ...
42,90 €
Echosline B.PUR Kit

B.PUR is a vegan line of products based on white clay, natural ingredients, deep cleansing, hair control, softness and ...
42,90 €